Volunteers can help us achieve our mission in a number of ways:


  • helping to develop and manage our ICT support programme


  • as "circuit riders", working directly with voluntary and community organisations


  • assisting with any of the specific projects supported by the Superhighways team including refurbishing PCs as part of our Community Connected project


On average over the course of the year, 15 people volunteer with Superhighways.

The main motivations are to gain practical ICT experience to improve employability and to help voluntary organisations.

Volunteers work on a diverse range of projects including video, databases, websites, helpdesk and maintenance.




"Being around a variety of people of expertise in different fields allowed me to learn a lot of new things.

The conversations that take place, people exchanging ideas and knowledge, all while the work goes on, was great."

a volunteer receiving an award

One of our volunteers receiving their People Count '100 hours of volunteering' certificate