We monitor and evaluate all training we deliver, as feedback is invaluable to improving future courses. Read what some of our learners said about their recent training experiences:


 A Beginners Guide to using Mailchimp

  • "I knew only the basics of Mailchimp before attending the workshop - I now have a clear understanding of what can be achieved and how to monitor our campaigns - Thank You."
  • "I really enjoyed the training. I think it was helpful to me that the other people on the course already had some knowledge of mailchimp so that we were of a similar standard. I would definitely recommend the training. I thought it was delivered well and really did cover all the aspects to mailchimp. Learning about Lists, Groups and Segments was particularly useful as was the time at the end to have a play around and work out how best to implement some of what we had learned."
  • I found the training very informative and helpful and would definitely recommend it. Working through these software packages on your own is OK but it's good to be taken through them properly. I think it's always better to attend a programme when you have tried the package and have a little experience of it.”
  • "I will be able to design and produce e-newsletters and send other email campaigns as appropriate with more confidence. I had sent a couple in the past by working my way through Mailchimp but found the formats difficult to work with. The Drag and Drop Editor will definitely make it easier."


Top Tools for Monitoring & Evaluation

  • "The trainer was excellent - she really knew her areas of specialism and made ICT feel more accessible. Looking forward to attending other relevant sessions and I have already recommended it to other other people who work for SMEs in Merton and Croydon."

  • "Knowing what can be done helps in the process of identifying of what we, as an organisation, need to monitor.  Once that has been agreed on it will be easier to look for the best tool that will do that. The training has also given me ideas as to what to do with the monitoring data. It is good to see that there are further courses available to look at related areas in-depth."
  • "It has made me rethink the value of tablets in the field - particularly working in Africa where resources are limited. I will be investigating this with the field staff in Uganda on my forthcoming trip."
  • "I am going to share how to use these top tools from monitoring and evaluation informally with key trustees, develop an action plan and then present the plan formally to the trustees."
  •  “Great tools for case studies and gaining feedback at events / general tracking.”

Eventbrite - Top ICT Tools for Monitoring & Evaluation - Mar 2014 - Bromley

Digital Storytelling to Communicate your Impact

  • "The course was excellent, I was perhaps a slow students, otherwise my knoledge intake would have been excellent!"

  • "Excellent. The enthusiasm and teaching method from the tutors were amazing."

  • "I would certainly recommend the course to my other staff who work on my project. It is interesting and very inclusive."

  • "When I have the time I will certainly be able to make a short film with Service Users from my Project. The skills were useful and clear and can be taught and remembered due to the skill of the teaching that was of a very high standard."


Top Tools for Communicating Impact

  • "Definitely recommend, Kate knew the tools well and could talk about strengths and limitations of each one. I will cascade by summarising key learning points & tools and email to others. Am also going to have conversations with others about what I've learned, to spark ideas."

  • "It was a really good session. Very informative. Kate clearly has great knowledge in this area as well as great passion for helping to resource others in this area. I would absolutely recommend it to others."

Eventbrite - Top ICT Tools for Communicating Impact - Mar 2014 - Sutton

Website reporting using Google Analytics (GA)

  • "We are just updating / redesigning our website. This programme will make us reflect on its structure to ensure it's effective and that visitors can reach the pages we want them to go to quickly"

  • Really useful to measure our marketing campaigns. Also useful to see visitor flow and traffic sources. Generally to keep on top of the stats and ensure our website is working for us.”

  • "Understanding makes it easier to look at where the current website is meeting the needs of the organisation and customers, and where it is falling down."

  • “We are setting up a new website, this knowledge would be invaluable in making it really useful and relevant to users. I am going to be making sure we use GA from the beginning. This will raise the bar in terms of professional monitoring of the Project's output and usage.

  • “Very useful to consider stats on current site when planning new one, and to look at stats for the new site once launched to see whether it is being effective.”

Search Engine Optimisation

  • “A lot of 'quick wins' that can be done - eg. Google Places”
  • “Very useful when planning for the launch of a new website - hopefully will long term help to raise the profile of the CVS