ICT Training available across South London

Superhighways delivers a diverse range of training developed to in response to the needs of voluntary and community organisations and social enterprises.

We are running courses in selected venues across the south London boroughs and hope our approach brings greater flexibility - allowing you to mix and match your training to suit your needs, availability, and location.

We provide comprehensive reference resources and offer follow up support to all attendees - just phone or email us if there's something you need extra support with. 

We also deliver onsite at your premises so that staff get a more tailored session and can learn as a team.


Making your booking & payment options

We are using the Eventbrite online booking system to manage our course administration.  Eventbrite also manages on line payments where you have the choice to use Visa, Mastercard or Amex.

If you don't want to pay by credit card, there is also an option to pay by cheque or request that we invoice you. To use this option you need to click the 'Show other payment options under the big Order Now button, and then select Pay Offline.

Eventbrite pay now button image



We have put together a range of free and charged for courses. Mindful of the fact that just about everyone is facing cut backs to spending on training, we have costed our paid for courses as low as possible yet enough to cover all our costs of delivery.

Prices range from free - awareness raising sessions fully subsidised by the City Bridge Trust under our Impact Aloud project - to £60 for a four hour course setting up an e-campaign using Mailchimp.


If you have any questions please contact 020 8255 8040 or email


Latest training

Check out our current programme over on Eventbrite or download as a pdf.