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In September 2013 - Microsoft announced that Office 365 is now available at no cost (as a donation) to qualifying Non-Profit organisations.

To find out if your organisation meets the Non-Profit eligibility criteria, please check the criteria for the United Kingdom.

To apply for Office 365 for your organisation, you will first need to complete the registration process

The registration process will guide you through a number of pages, and will require various information, including your Charity Number, Website address, Email and agreement to the anti-discrimination policy. On completion of the registration process Microsoft will verify your organisation’s eligibility through Technology Trust (the UK partner of TechSoup). The verification of eligibility could take up to 20 business days, and once complete you will receive and email of your eligibility status.

If you haven’t done already, we would recommend registering with Technology Trust before applying for Office 365.

Whilst waiting for validation you can start an Office 365 Enterprise E3 Non-Profit Trial, which allows you to create 25 users and is active for 45 days. The trial can be transferred to a non-profit licence once verification is complete.

There is a useful comparison table for further information about the various packages to help you find out which one is right for you.


Our experience 

Superhighways has already supported a number of organisations migrate to Office 365. 

We have recommended a phased approach, first migrating emails and then data only once a restructure/ archive / deletion process has been undertaken and we are sure that the broadband connection is adequate to provide an acceptable experience.

And we have ourselves switched to Office 365 and the benefits have been:

  • Remote access to everyone's calendars (handy when out and about to allocate & schedule jobs across the team and not possible via our existing Outlook Web Access set up)
  • All our documents in one place - we no longer need to use an array of personal Dropbox accounts
  • Better able to share relevant documents with freelance contractors
  • Use of Skype for Business for enhanced communication options - instant messaging, voice / video meetings and sharing desktops (for which we've used Skype in the past)

Get in touch if you would like some advice or support if you are considering moving to Office 365 yourself.

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 What's included?

* Email & calendars

* Web conferencing

* Instant messaging

* File storage & sharing

* Team sites

* Office web apps


For further information download our fact sheet complete with some answers to questions you may have around Privacy and Security