If you are a Superhighways Member organisation - our Helpdesk service can be accessed by emailing and this will automatically create a ticket in our Helpdesk system.  We categorise Helpdesk queries as those that we can resolve in up to an hour via phone, email or remote access to your systems.

Queries can be wide ranging and tend to fall into the following categories:

  • Procurement advice e.g. finding best value quotes for a new laptop including details of software discounts for the voluntary sector
  • Troubleshooting e.g. you can't access the Internet or print to a printer
  • Technical advice e.g. on the different options for remote access to between offices or for homeworking

The Helpdesk is open Mon - Friday 10am - 4pm, so if you are experiencing any problems relating to ICT do get in touch!

Please note we will first assess your problem for urgency and then agree with you an appropriate response time.  Superhighways Member organisations will take priority over non Members.

For all other tech enquiries please email  


High Priority

  • Mission critical e.g. total network or server failure affecting everyone in the organisation, and no work around solution - next working day


  • Important e.g. application or PC failure probably affecting just one PC or user but a work around solution can be implemented - within 5 working days


  • Irritant e.g. specific problem facing just one user which is annoying but not critical - within 10 working days


For more in depth ICT support including Healthchecks and on site support - please see our Membership section.




Remote support

Click here to run the Superhighways remote support tool.