Better Health Online - Basic Skills training and volunteering opportunities

Techie Tea Party Learning

Better Health Online is a short course (2 afternoons) to teach you to use your smartphones or tablets to research and improve your health and wellbeing online.  

The Course Programme

There are 6 digital skills courses planned with 2 sessions for each course.  Our focus will be  searching for health information from reputable sites likes NHS Choices; registering to book GP appointments online; installing and using health apps and more.  Superhighways will provide you with a tablet to use in the training or support you to use your smartphone if you prefer.  YOu will have one to one support form a digital champion volunteer amd fully trained teacher to lead each ession

Amazing Technology - talk don't type your way to better health

In order to  make sure you have some quick wins as a  beginner – we are planning to bypass using digital keyboards (which are a bit tricksy) in favour of getting to know the likes of Siri, Alexa, and Go Google.   We will show you have to set up these digital assistants to dictate your texts and emails, read out webpages and answer any question you can think of.  We will also show you how to use Skype and WhatsApp or FaceTime, so you can get ahead of the game making and receiving video calls in preparation for future GP consultations.

Follow up

Once you have completed the 2 sessions, we want you to set yourself some tasks you want to do - like signing up at your GP surgery so you can book  online, or register with a housing provider to report a repair.  Philippa our tutor will Sklyoe call you a couple of weeks later to find out how you are getting on.


Our ‘techie tea party training style’ is about getting enjoyment through sharing learning and skills 

The sessions are led by Superhighways tutor, Philippa Leary who has worked for 20 years training people to use the internet. Plus you will get one-to - one  help from a trained digital champion. There will be lots different activities for you to try out as you get to grips with using tablets/phones to research online health information. 


This project is funded by Clarion Futures Digital

Better Health Online - Training and immediate volunteering opportunities for residents 

Superhighways is working with Clarion Futures Digital and the Digital Champions Network to provide support and learning opportunities for volunteers on the Better Health Online project. This is a nationwide network set up to train volunteers as digital champions.

Could you help a newbie to: 

  • Use a tablet/ smartphone including basic touchscreen gestures; connect to free WiFi; search for information; install and use health apps
  • Search for information online 
  • Use Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp
  • Set up and use digital assistants like Siri, Cortana, Go Google and  Alexa to perform voice assisted searches or dictation for text and email?

We are looking to recruit at least 12 volunteers to support Better Health Online learners.  

As a volunteer we will provide:  

  • Training in some basic skills teaching includeing how to use Digital Assistants
  • Induction into the Digital Champion Network for ongoing support and training
  • A great 'add on' to your employability skills, if you are looking for work
  • A supported, rewarding volunteering experience


Volunteer Induction - 2 dates to choose from 

Join us either on 

Thursday 15th February

Venue14 Richmond Park Road, Kingston KT2 6AH

Time: 2 - 5pm


Tuesday 7th March

Venue:  Estate Regeneration Office, 2 Tadlow, Washington Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 3J

Time: 2 - 5pm


Confirm your place as a volunteer on this project

Email Philippa Leary  which training dates you want to attend.