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Kingston’s Young Carers' Project

The Young Carers' Project is run by Kingston Carers’ Network and provides advocacy, support and fun activities for young carers.  

The Problem – lack of in house skills to create a digital story

Staff from the Young Carers' Project (YCP) approached us to support them put together a digital story focusing on the outcomes of their work and in particular their summer holiday activities.

The Solution – training key staff to storyboard and use specific tools to capture carers stories

We supported YCP plan their story - showing the impact through the eyes of the young carers themselves, as well as volunteers, parents, activity leaders and the project co-ordinator. We introduced them to the Audio Boo audio capture tool and also found a volunteer to help interview subjects and take some video footage of their summer drama programme.

We captured a lot of additional material that didn't make the finished digital story and so we also planned how YCP could maximise usage of this e.g. providing engaging content - images and audio clips on specific pages of their website.

Diane White - YCP Co-ordinator says:

“We already have a DVD to raise awareness and engage with schools, but the idea of the digital story was to produce a shorter film which can be embedded on our website and shown in a variety of settings. Our goal is to use it to put young carers issues on the agenda locally and to support our future fundraising efforts"

Pat Stanley, KCN Development Worker, said after its premiere at the KCN AGM:

"Thank you very much support for all your support and time spent creating the digital story. Feedback yesterday was very positive."

Kingston Young Carers' Project - Their Story from Superhighways on Vimeo.

Next Steps

Our next step will be investigating how the project could utilise the You Tube NonProfit programme which would allow them to create ‘Donate Now’ buttons and ‘Call to Action’ overlays as well as get support from the community forum.

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15:47, 25 Nov 2013 by Philippa Leary

A Perfect Example of Recycle & Reuse of  IT Equipment

Richmond & Kingston Accessible Transport is an independent local charity which aims to provide high-quality low-cost accessible transport services for charities, voluntary and community organisations, faith groups, schools and sports groups.

The Problem - an IT system that could not be upgraded to run the latest software for the project

One of the key aspects of a reliable transport system is logistics - transport in the right place at the right time to collect the right people. RaKAT’s ageing server and PC set up was unable to use the latest version of the Community Transport software.

The Solution - purchase, installation and set up of a new server and new PCs

In the first instance, Superhighways worked with RAKAT to put together a budget for replacing their Server and a number of their PCs. Once funding was found, we purchased the equipment, set up the new network, migrated existing data and installed the latest version of the Community Transport software on each terminal.

The Synergy

At the same time, another of our member organisations - Merton Action for Single Homelessness (MASH) had mentioned they wanted to set up some PCs so that tenants could access the Internet. A great fit we thought! So we securely wiped 4 of the ex RAKAT PCs using specialist software and used our Microsoft Registered Refurbisher licences to install Windows & Office, before PAT testing (yes we are certified to do this too!) to ensure electrical safety.

Nigel Newby - RaKAT Chief Executive says...

“We were really pleased to know that these PCs have life beyond our needs. Superhighways did an extremely proficient job in installing our new system and have provided the added bonus of refurbishing our old PCs for further use”

Avis Maxwell, Young Peoples Programme Manager at MASH says...

"We had some old PCs set up for tenant internet access but they didn’t all work properly, so it was a great surprise when Superhighways were able to offer 4 refurbished PCs of better specifications, and come over and set them up for us. It was good timing with the start of the new term as many of our tenants can now do their college coursework on the PCs, as well as job search and online benefit applications"

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RaKaT - vehicleMASH_PC_Collection

09:50, 25 Oct 2013 by Philippa Leary


Sutton Vision is a registered charity which delivers services for residents of the London Borough of Sutton who are blind or partially sighted. Core activities include the provision of community outreach, awareness training and resource information and advice to assist those who are blind or visually impaired.

The Problem: a number of existing databases in the organisation that were not fit for purpose

Sutton Vision was referred to us by Sutton CVS as the new Chief Officer needed some help deciding on a database. They had recently been commissioned by the local authority to deliver services in the borough and their current systems (yes there were more than one!) were not able to easily satisfy these new reporting requirements.

The Solution: Advice on how to capture Sutton Vision’s current and future needs and signposting to an online database that met the requirements

We recommended a step by step approach emphasising the importance of planning for future needs and signposted them to Lamplight – an online database set up specifically for charities to monitor and track their work and of course pull off those all important reports.

Stephen Hawkins, Sutton Vision Chief Officer says

"We are really happy with Lamplight and the training & support have been excellent. The fact it is an online database means we can input and access information from remote sites which has been a real benefit. We opted for a phased approach so now that we are using the system for outputs across all our projects, we are currently identifying how we can better capture the softer outcomes of our work. My advice to others is not to underestimate staff training – make sure you build this in sufficiently when moving to a new system”

Next Steps

Superhighways are working with a number of groups supporting them through the process of implementing a new database - auditing existing systems, developing a specification, identifying appropriate systems and migrating data - so let us know if you are interested in this service too.

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12:24, 25 Sep 2013 by Philippa Leary


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